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How to make homemade kajal or kohl

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When it comes to eye makeup, nothing can replace kajal which is also known as kohl, to highlight the eyes. Isn’t it? Now, we all know that various Indian as well as International cosmetic companies do manufacture kajal to complete the eye makeup. However, did you ever wish to make the most essential black stick for your peepers at home by yourself? I guess, many of us do secretly wish to know the procedure of how to make kajal or kohl at home.

Sometime back I read an article on Times of India about homemade kajal. Founder and director of Omved, Ms Preeti Mehta has there explained the step by step process to have homemade kajal or kohl. So if you are interested in homemade cosmetics, please go through this article which pretty much compiles the procedure of making kajal at home.

·       Firstly, take a lamp and then fill it up with ghee or you can use oil too.

·       Keep a teaspoonful of ghee/oil separately along with you.

·       Now prepare a cotton wick, then soak it in the oil or ghee and put it in the lamp. Now, light the wick.

·       Place blocks on both side of the lamp so that no air or breeze can get into it.

·       Take a silver plate and put it over the lamp in upside down position. Rest it on the top, in between the supports.

·       Position the plate in such a manner which would be at half an inch distance from the lamp, and ensure that the flame tip touches the plate.

·       The lamp should burn whole night or 12 hours so that the soot is collected from the lamp’s flame in the plate.

·       After that, extinguish the flame and remove the plate.

·       Now, you need to scrape out the carbon coating that is the black powdery thick residue which has got collected on the cover. And store this in a clean container.

·       Cool the residue and then add some ghee onto the soot to make it smooth.

·       Close the container and keep it in the refrigerator for 2 hours at least. After that you can keep it in normal room temperature.

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You need not worry about the shelf-life of homemade kajals, they stay well for pretty long time. However, it is always good to prepare it fresh after every 4 months. Do remember, homemade kajal or kohl is very dark and so you can apply it at night and then keep it on for overnight. Once you wake up in the morning, do wash your face clean. You will get a very natural beautiful black tint on your peepers.
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