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How can you thicken your eyelashes?

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Eyelashes are often the most neglected part of our face when it comes to beauty. However, eyelashes are very important when it comes to framing our eyes. But the scenario is fast changing these days, and we women are very much concerned about the thickness and length of eyelashes. Don’t you agree? So if you want lovely beautiful lashes, then read on the article to find more.

Remove eye makeup : After a long night or a long day, often we are so tired that we skip removal of eye makeup and sleep with all makeup on. But do remember this bad habit can damage the eyelashes as well as cause harm to the sensitive soft skin in and around the eyes. The eyelashes tend to get brittle. Therefore it is advisable to use a mild makeup remover to remove the eye makeup well, but do not rub or pull the eyelashes with force while removing makeup.

Give time to your eyelashes to breathe fresh air : Eyelash curlers, fake lashes, any other products for eyelashes can be tempting to be used on the lashes, but they are very taxing to the lashes. These products can give stress and cause damage to the lashes, causing eyelash loss and breakage. So give the lashes a break by not using these stuffs whenever possible. Give the lashes time to recover. Let them breathe naturally, this will be beneficial for your eyes and eyelashes in the long run, trust me!

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Healthy diet : The diet which you follow plays a vital role when it comes to maintain the health of the eyelashes. For hair growth vitamin Biotin and amino acids are too helpful. Amino acids form important part of the hair shaft, and as you know deficiencies in protein can lead to hair loss. Therefore go for multivitamin capsules or for a vitamin which can help in hair growth. Ensure that this vitamin capsule contain Biotin, consume it regularly.

Do not rub your eyes : Whenever we feel sleepy or tired or eyes are itchy we rub the eyes. It feels good momentarily, but this is again a bad habit! This can result in loss of eyelashes. Whenever you rub your eyes, eyelashes may break and even fall out, leaving thin small eyelashes. So please keep away your hands from eyes.

Prostaglandins for eyelashes : Prostaglandins can be really helpful to increase the eyelashes’ length. It takes time to work, but it is effective, and the US FDA even approved of this component to lengthen eyelashes. So next time you visit your dermatologist, ask him or her to prescribe this treatment so that your eyelashes can become really thick and luscious.
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