Monday, September 2, 2013

How to make the lip gloss last longer

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Lip gloss is lovely cosmetic item indeed, it makes the pout look beautiful. However, it stays really for a short duration, and that is the real problem while using a lip gloss. So, if you want to know how to make the lip gloss stay on longer on your lips, continue reading this article.

Lip gloss is a makeup essential for a lady. It’s a shiny lip color and adds more volume to the lip color that you have already on the lips. However, the two challenges we face while using lip gloss are that it does not stay on for a long time and also it has got the tendency to smudge off easily. Try not to wear gloss on bare lips.

Use a lip liner to line the lips :- Before the application of lip gloss, line the lips with a matching color and then fill up the lips with the liner. This provides a base on which the lip gloss can be applied next. This helps the gloss to stay on longer and avoids smudging out of it. Also your pout will look fuller in this way.

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Use a lip stain :- Before you apply a lip gloss, you may also apply a lip stain. Lip stain is not sticky and since it has a dry formula, this really helps the gloss to absorb in it well. Lip stain also moisturizes the lips.

Finish it off with lipstick :- Now, how many times have you got disappointed with the lipsticks which claim to be long-wearing? Yes, at times long-wearing lipsticks fail to stay in place for a long duration. So, you may use both lipstick and lip gloss together to get a stronger effect. Just after you apply the lipstick, go ahead and use a lip gloss on top of it so that the lip color stays on for a quite long time.
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  1. Thanks for the tips. I will surely try this. I like to do experiment with beauty products.