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Neon Makeup for Indian Skin tone

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This season is all about bright bold dashing hues. However, one must be careful while choosing bright colors. You need to choose such colors which suit on your skin tone perfectly well.

When we talk of neon color, it is not only dominating the apparel industry, but makeup industry too. But when it comes to Indian complexions, which color would go on well with that? However, be assured, whatever your skin tone is, there is a neon color for every skin tone. But you must be able to create the right balance in makeup which is crucial.

Makeup experts are of the opinion that when it comes to neon makeup, Indian women should stick to one element at one time. Either the highlight should be on your eyes or on your lips. Going overboard with makeup will definitely make the look messy.

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Fair Skin – Those who are fair skinned with pink or yellow undertones, go for bold green, blue, deep purple colors. Purple will flatter the skin tone and make the skin look brighter. You can also try hot pinks on your pout.

Medium / Light-wheatish skin – If you are medium complexioned, neon orange, tangerine, yellow are your colors. These hues make your skin look fresher.

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Dusky skin – Remember, your face makeup should not look stark while putting on neon makeup on dusky skin. Fuchsia eye shadow, or bright purple on the pout would be great. Again dusky complexion, light bright shades would definitely look hotter and better! Therefore highlight any one feature on your face with bold hue and for the rest of the face, keep it neutral.

How to get the neon makeup right? – Warm and neutral colors go well with our Indian skin tones. Whatever neon color you select, along with that, add a bit of gold on the cheeks. That helps in highlighting the cheekbones. In case you are in an adventurous mood, go for any saturated hue along with the neon color.

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