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How to cover up under-eye dark circles with concealer

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Covering dark circles is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience to make your dark circles vanish from your face! Stress as well as bad lifestyle takes a toll on our skin, and that’s when we are left with no other option except applying makeup. So if you want the perfect cover-up for the dark circles, here are some useful tips which I would like to share with you all.

Right Product – Choosing the right concealer shade is very much important. If you choose a concealer which is much dark than your skin tone, it will be emphasizing the flaw rather than hiding it. And if you pick up a concealer which is too fair than you need for your skin, it would look grayish and unnatural. So always go for such a concealer shade which is a close match to your skin. Its always better to use a palette of concealers which will contain at least 3 shades of concealer  so that at least you can mix different concealers and apply to get the perfect flawless skin look. Yellow shade concealers can hide dark circles very well.

Reduce Puffiness – Placing 2 cold spoons on your eyes will fight with unwanted puffiness. You may also use cold tea bags to use it on your eyes for 15 to 30 minutes.

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Moisturize – This is an essential step again. Apply a hydrating eye cream as this will help the concealer to go on smoothly over the dark portion of the skin that is the under eye region.

Prime the skin – Before applying any foundation or concealer, do not forget to apply primer on your face. This helps the concealer to set in better. After that once you apply foundation, it helps the concealer in staying for longer time period. Also you would need less concealer in this way.

Tap on the eye area – Do never ever pull or stretch the eye area. Always use your ring finger to tap on few drops of concealer in the under eye area. Start from inner corner of the eyes till the outer corner. You should not have a thick layer of concealer under the eyes, it should be blended well. Apply the concealer in crescent moon shape so that it can hide the dark circles.

Don’t overdo – Yes never go overboard with makeup, this is the basic rule while you are applying makeup. If you apply a lot of makeup under eyes it will give a tired look. Also if your eye area does have crow’s feet, do not apply too much of concealer as that would make the fine lines more prominent.

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