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How to treat dry hair?

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Temperature soaring high, or be it lack of moisture can really create a great difference in your hair by making it dry and tangled. Changes in the environment is a key factor which leads to dry hair. So, if you want to fight the problem of dry hair and get healthy beautiful hair, then go through this article to know how to take care of dry hair.

Before I go ahead and share the tips to get rid of dry hair, let me jot down here the reasons which lead to dry hair.

Causes of dry hair :-

Lack of hydration or moisture – As we all have noticed during winter, our skin becomes dry. Similarly lack of moisture can result in dryness of hair and making it brittle.

Climatic changes – Too much of climatic changes can weaken the hair making it brittle and dry. So extreme cold or extreme hot climate is bad for your hair.

Chlorinated water in swimming pools – While you might be refreshed by swimming in the pool anytime in the day whenever you need a break, however, chlorinated water of the pools can cause dryness of the hair.

Malnutrition – If our bodies do not get enough of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, that is if anyone is malnutritioned or anorexic, then it is likely to result in dry hair.

Blow Drying – Using blow dryer frequently results in loss of moisture of hair which contributes to dryness of hair.

Tips for dry hair :-

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1.     You need to have a good lifestyle and maintain a healthy balanced diet. Do not consume alcohol excessively as it dries out the hair.

2.     Biotin is a vitamin which is very helpful for your hair. You may take biotin supplements or take food like walnuts, green peas, lentils, soybeans, oats which have a high biotin content.

3.     Folic acid is very essential for hair growth. Also fishes like salmon and tuna are greatly preferred for consumption if you suffer from hair problems as these fishes do have fatty acids.

4.     Do not shampoo your hair regularly using a shampoo which has harsh chemicals in it.

5.     To prevent excessive absorption of chlorine in your hair, do wash your hair before you enter the pool and after you leave the pool. Also you might wear a shower cap before swimming.

6.     In order to rejuvenate your hair, you may try a hair pack consisting of egg, honey and yoghurt. Whip an egg and add 1 teaspoonful each of yoghurt and honey in it. Apply it all over the hair and now wash off your hair with cold water. After that shampoo your hair normally.
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