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How to know if you have combination skin type?

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Did you know a majority of women do have combination skin? We often think we have dry skin or oily skin, but actually we do have a combination skin type which we are not aware of at all. Combination skin is oily in some parts and dry in some other parts.

Characteristics of combination skin : If your t-zone area is oily, that is forehead and the entire part from the nose to the chin, and suffers from acne problems as well as blackheads while cheeks are dry, then you have got combination skin.

Over the years, the type of skin changes. It is seasonally affected as well as affected by hormones. The skin might be oily in summer time while during winter days you may find it to be dry. And during menstruation, skin breaks out, which makes you think your skin is oily. But after it is over, your skin once again becomes dry and flaky. All these are signs which indicate you are gifted with combination skin type.

Causes of combination skin : Overactive oil glands result in oily skin. Also the sebum production is further enhanced due to heat and humidity which makes the t-zone too oily during summer, however cheek area remains normal. During winter season when the skin is stripped of its natural oils, the oily regions tend to get normalized while cheeks become flaky and dry.

How to take care of combination skin : If you want to treat combination skin effectively, you need to spot treat the problematic zones of skin. Use a cleanser which can effectively reduce the sebum production and don’t forget to apply moisturizer on the drier parts of the skin. Use a warm washcloth to exfoliate the skin. This reduces the oiliness and removes the dead skin.

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Here is a basic skincare routine for combination skin written down for you.

·       Use a cleanser for oily skin during the summer time, but in winter season go for a cleanser formulated for dry to normal skin. Before you go to sleep at night, cleanse the face properly, and in the morning, just use plain warm water to wash your face. Avoid over-cleansing, it just helps in over-production of oil.

·       During summer, use a oil-free light moisturizer on the zones which are drier. But during winter use a heavy moisturizer all over the face.

·       Use a mild scrub to exfoliate facial skin twice a week.

·       If you are suffering from acne problems, then use an astringent too. But remember to use it only on the oily t-zone area and not on the drier parts of the skin. Or else you may also use toners instead of astringents.

Makeup for combination skin : If you like using blush, go for cream blush. However in summer time, you may use powder blush too. Always prep the skin before applying any makeup by using a light foundation. You can then apply a tinted moisturizer or oil-free foundation based on the occasion. Use eye shadow primer to stop eye shadows from settling into the crease.

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It is better if you carry with you blotting papers to blot excessive oils from the t-zone area. This wont mess up the makeup. This would also not require you to powder your face time to time, which can lead to clogging up of pores.

Special mask for combination skin : For the oily t-zone area, use clay mask. Clay masks prevent the formation of blackheads. And in winter, facial steam can work wonder.
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