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How to minimize scars?

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Be it scars, or surgeries, to name a few, can leave permanent scars or marks on the skin. However there are some ways to minimize scars and marks so that you can get clear and glowing skin. If you want to know how you can make the appearance of scars less, then continue reading this article.

Treatments at home – Even without visiting a doctor, you can help yourself to minimize the scars on skin, by doing some simple treatments at home all by yourself. Most of them are like using massage creams on the affected parts for quite a few times every day. So, if you want to minimize the scars and want to get a clear skin, then you must follow the beauty regimen strictly, without miss. Some of the ideas are given below :
Silicone sheets – Applying silicone sheets on the affected areas make the scars fade away with time. So apply a sheet on the scar and leave it for quite some time. You will see the results with regular use.

Hydrocortisone – If the scars are itchy, then go for a hydrocortisone cream on that area so that you wont have to scratch the itchy areas.

Pressure dressing – For raised scars, the best solution is pressure dressing which flattens the scars and ultimately heals it.

Sunscreen – If the scar is on exposed areas like face or neck, then it is must to apply sunscreen on the affected part. The reason why applying sunscreen is important is because, the affected part wont get tanned, but other areas will get, and so the scar will get more prominent if the surrounding areas get darker.

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Pro treatments for getting rid of scars – For severe scarring, you need to seek the help of a doctor to get rid of scars. Here are a few treatments given below :
Medications – Injecting steroids on the scar tissue will help it in getting shrinked in size. At time doctors inject collagen too which smoothens the scars caused by chicken pox or pimples. But these are not permanent solutions, so you may need to visit the doctor again.

Surgery – A burn scar can be only removed with the help of skin grafting, and laser treatments and dermabrasion can help further to remove the scar tissue. But for a less severe scarring, a microdermabrasion treatment smoothes the skin’s surface giving a clear skin.
Other treatments – For discolored scars, doctors generally suggest chemical peeling or skin bleaching which will lighten the scars. It also improves the skin’s texture, so that it can blend in well with the surrounding areas of the skin.

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