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Beauty tips for working women

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For pampering and taking care of the skin, one needs to spend adequate amount of time for those procedures. We women are look-conscious, and that’s not at all bad. In fact if we look good and smart, that boosts up our confidence and brings out a glow in our face instantly. Right? So almost all women after waking up in the morning, see themselves in front of the mirror! However, due to fast paced life, where women are not only homemakers but work outside too, its difficult to take out sometime in order to follow a long and proper beauty regime everyday.

So, here we are noting down some important basic tips for all working women. If you want to look fresh and gorgeous everyday when you step in the office, here’s your chance to make that true. Just read on these beauty tips for working women and follow it. If you are a working woman too, and want to treat yourself in the best way without spending a lot of time, continue reading.

De-puffing the eyes : Apply raw potatoes over your eyes. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water. This helps in de-puffing the eyes.

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Facial hair : For a lot of women facial hair is a big concern as they are often visible on faces. So you may apply foundation, that lightens the color of the hair. Or else take sliced fresh lemon, rub it on your face, at least 1 time a week. This would lighten the facial hair.

Acne : If you suffer from skin break-outs then apply any good face masks that really helps. Fruit facial mask is the most effective mask for women suffering from acne.

Wrinkles : This is one such sign of ageing which we will get to see in early 30s at times or may be in late 20s, but by mid 30s it is there generally. We use some makeup tricks in order to hide away these wrinkles. However, here’s a way you can reduce the wrinkles, apply a bit of yogurt on the wrinkles, and let it get dry totally. Then rinse it off. Apply this at least once a week.

Voluminous hair : If you want to add volume on to your hair, then use beer to wash your hair. You can also use wine or vodka to wash the hair.

Nails : Expensive manicure is a luxury which not all of us can afford. So, the best way by which you can make the nail color last long is to massage some milk cream on the nails just after applying the nail polish and after it has got dried.

Hair removal : If you use razor to shave off the hair from your underarms then its better to use conditioners than soaps. Conditioners soften the skin after you have shaved it.

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Dry elbows : If you want to make your dry elbows smooth, then massage olive oil on the elbows, do this for at least 2-3 times a week.

Pout : If you want a pout lip, you just need to enhance the lips with the right shade of lip color which matches your skin tone and outfit color. Generally we Indians would look better with shades like nudes, cherry, brown.

Colored hair : Many working women do color their mane. But once we color our hair, it starts fading away soon, so that’s again a problem. So in order to retain the hair color, what you can do is wash off your hair with black tea when possible.
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