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Makeup tips for blondes

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If you do have blonde hair, then while applying makeup you must have noticed how difficult it is to find the right shades of makeup for blonde. Some shades look too harsh on the skin while others might make the skin look washed out. So if you wanna look beautiful and sizzling then follow the beauty tips for blonde mentioned in this article.

Makeup colors/shades for blondes : If you are a blonde, go for softer tones, that suits better. Apply pale pink or peach shades on the lips and cheeks. Rose color is also great for the pout. If you have warmer skin tone, and prefer to wear red lip colors, then wear blue-red or orange-red on the lips.

Everyday makeup for blondes : For blondes, the first tip is to be natural and light when it comes to everyday makeup. Go for pink eyeshadows or beige, a rosy blush and neutral lipcolor. For mascara, never use a black one, but go for medium brown mascaras.

Night makeup for blondes : For party makeup for blondes, especially in night-time, wear silver or gray shades. For the eye makeup, go for a light gray shadow on the lids. And then on the crease apply a darker gray shade. For the lower lashline, use metallic silver eyeliner, and on the upper lashline go for a muted gray liner. Use a coral blush and make sure the lipstick you wear is not much glossy.

Makeup tips for platinum blondes : If you are a platinum blonde, stick to cool shades always for makeup. For the peepers, use greens, silver or taupe. Do not use copper or bronze shades. Any shades of pink on the lips would be fine. Do not use any lip color which has orangish tint in it, and if you are a fan of red lipsticks then choose a blue-red color for it.

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Makeup tips for honey or caramel blondes : This type of blondes have golden skin tone and so a cherry red lip color will look perfect on them. Also any lip color with flecks of gold would also look dazzling. Orange and blue-red lip shades can also look awesome on honey blondes. They can practically experiment with a lot of makeup shades.

Makeup tips for golden or reddish blondes : For this type of blondes, a warm shade of purple color on the eyes would look beautiful. And go for peachy lipstick, that would always look good.

Match makeup with eye color : When it comes to eye makeup, blondes who have got blue eyes can use cooler shades like silver, steel blue and also gray. For brown eyed blondes, browns and plums are the safest bet. To define the face, the eyebrow color should be at least one shade darker than the hair color. Before you choose the makeup, always consider your complexion and eye color. If your skintone is darker or olive colored, go for earth tones. If you have pale complexion, then don’t use lighter eye shadows which can wash out the skin color. You may also try makeup tips for green or blue or brown eyes.
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