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Makeup tips for brunettes

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Whenever you are all set to start doing your makeup, its very essential to start by choosing the right makeup shades. And in order to select the right makeup colors, you need to keep in mind your skin complexion, color of the eyes and also the hair color. And brunette women are really lucky when it comes to choosing right makeup shades for themselves as most of the makeup tones complement their skin tone and hair color.

So if you have brown locks, then here are some good makeup tips for brunettes specially. Go ahead and follow these makeup tips and tricks in order to look like a ravishing brunette!

Eye makeup tips for brunettes : Whatever may be the skin tone, brunettes can look good with most of the makeup shades on their faces, and that’s really a good point. If you have brown eyes, then brown and violet colors would look great on your eyes. If you are blue-eyed and have black mane, slate gray shadow and charcoal eyeliner would look awesome. And if you have brown mane and blue eyes, then golden brown shadow can be worn with brown colored eyeliner and mascara of course.

Lip colors for brunettes : If you are a brunette, maintain a safe distance from pale pink blushers and lippies, they don’t look good. If you have dark brown hair, you may play with richer colors. And if you have medium to dark brown hair color, spicy red color would suit on you. For light brown haired women, coral or peach lip color and blush would go well on them.

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Play up with your eye makeup and blush shades : Go for highly pigmented shadows on your eyes, smudge your liner, and apply generous coats of brown mascaras. If you are a brown eyed brunette, you can use any colored eye shadows.  For green eyed brunettes, purple shadows and charcoal colored liner would look great. Apply a very soft neutral shaded blush and for your lips, use a lip gloss.

For brunettes, warm pinks, rosy browns and bronzers look really good on their cheeks and lips. So just apply bronzer on to the cheeks and move it towards the eyes. If you like red lipsticks, go for blue-red toned lippies. And if you are wearing such a bold lip color, make sure the cheek color is light and so is the eye makeup!

And to soften the face, make sure that the eye brow color is one or two shades lighter than that of your hair.

Pay attention to your highlights : While selecting makeup shades for yourself, do not only consider your main hair color, but also the highlight color. If you have blond highlights, wear makeup with pink undertones. But if you are a brunette with brown eyes and red highlights, the same kind of makeup wont look that good on you! If your hair is chocolate brown and your skin tone is medium to dark then go for honey shades and for the eyes, you can use metallic color. But if you are too fair, then do not go for silver eye makeup and never use any mauve color on your lips.
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