Friday, October 18, 2013

My take on Indian Makeup and Beauty (IMBB)

If I ask you right now, to name a beauty and fashion blog in India which is ruling the beauty industry for several years, I know the unanimous answer would be “IMBB”. Yes, Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog is dominating the beauty blogosphere for a long time since 2009. And with the passage of time, the website is ramping up like anything.

Founders of the website, Mr Sanjeev Singh and Mrs Rati Tehri Singh work tirelessly to cover different national and international cosmetic brands. IMBB is a company and not just a blog, so you can guess, how much of extra effort do they have to take in order to keep the business up and running successfully.

Chanel, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Shiseido, YSL, etc, IMBB has got everything covered up in their website. Not only international brands, lot of products manufactured by popular national brands too have been reviewed by the writers of Indian Makeup and Beauty blog. All the product reviews are in detail, so that the reader who might be a prospective buyer gets a clear view about the positive points and negative points of the product, and decide whether he/she should shell out bucks to purchase it.

I am not a regular reader of the website, but I keep peeping into the website at times, and I do love the outfit posts (OOTD) published on the site. Also the makeup tutorial posts are pretty helpful for beginners, the snaps are clear and the instructions are delivered well. And not to forget, the chanel bags haul, they are mindblowing indeed!

As IMBB has got a lot of writers so the posts are not equally well-written, but yes there is a certain standard maintained like the format of the articles. However in some posts like in foundation review posts, I found a few pictures not that crystal clear, which makes very difficult to understand the actual shade. I am a foundation junkie, so love reading foundation reviews before I buy that, thus I look forward to good foundation reviews always from other beauty blogs.

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