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Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

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Wedding is one of the most special occasion for a woman. It’s a day very close to a woman’s heart. And a woman starts preparing to experience the D-day in near future, since her childhood. We not only want a big fat wedding to happen for us, but also we wanna look the most beautiful and ravishing on that particular day. However the planning which we have to do before planning is extensive and it takes a toll on our skin. So girls do follow beauty ritual before the special day of her life. So, I will be giving below a few important beauty tips for wedding which if followed can make you look the most gorgeous bride.

In order to look perfect on the wedding day, it is essential to follow a collection of beauty tips. The Indian bridal beauty tips not only entails the beauty therapies and treatments you need to follow but also when should you visit the salon, when should you drink and eat, what should be your diet like, et al. Start following a beauty regimen for a year at least, in order to see the full effects. Let me tell you girls, that pre-wedding hair care and skin care is also very important. So, if you wanna have a picture-perfect look then continue reading.

1 year before wedding :

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ü  Firstly you need to find out your type of skin. You need to understand your skin’s needs so that you can chart out a beauty ritual for your skin properly. After you have done that, follow a skincare routine for your skin type. You need to take care of your skin from now on.

ü  Start following a proper diet and exercise routine in order to stay healthy and fit. If you wanna perfect figure and glowing skin, follow pre-wedding diet. Increase the intake of Vitamin A as well as Vitamin C, citrus fruits and veggies help a lot in doing so. This will give you a glowing complexion.

ü  In order to look picture-perfect on the wedding day, you need to have a clear skin. So drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is really helpful.

6 months before wedding :
ü  Start looking for the best hairstylist and makeup artist in your town. You may also book an appointment with them ahead of time, so that you need not worry about appointments later on.

ü  In order to reduce existing problems on your skin and get a beautiful skin, visit dermatologists and try out special facials and treatments if required. It is time to select the most suitable facial for your skin. So, try different facials until you get one suitable for you.

ü  After you have selected the perfect facial for yourself, go ahead and get it done at least once every month. You can try steam facial at home. This helps us to relax and also gives a clear glowing complexion.

ü  If you want to give homemade facial packs for brides at home, then give them a try and select the most suitable pack for your skin and continue applying the pack at least once a week.

ü  To keep skin healthy and clean, follow the CTM rule that is cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

ü  It is also the perfect time to shop your bridal makeup kit for the special day.

ü  Also buy your wedding shoes and wear them at home. This would help you not to get any blisters on the D-day. This also gives adequate time for the blisters to get healed and any marks to disappear.
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3 months before wedding :
ü  A very important bridal beauty tip is to sit your hairstylist and makeup artist and talk about the look which you want on yourself to be done on the wedding. They can also try out some looks on you, so that you can decide which one would you opt in for the special day.

ü  For laser hair removal, this is the best time.

ü  Start shaping your eye brows properly from now on. If you need the brow hair to grow in some places, then give it time to grow there.

ü  To get lovely hands and feet, start getting manicure and pedicure done for yourself.

1 month before wedding :
ü  We know, before wedding, we do attend a lot of parties so the rich food and drinks might take a toll on your looks. So start detoxifying the body and skin by having lot of veggies and fruits and drinking lot of water.

ü  If you are not going to appoint a makeup artist, and would like to do the makeup on your wedding day all by yourself, now is the ideal time to practice different looks and choose the one which looks best on you.

2 weeks before wedding :
ü  Trim your hair, or you can get a haircut too. This gives time to hair to settle and you will look fresh.

ü  You can color your hair, or if your hair is already colored, re-touching is required.

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ü  Threading or waxing is very important.

1 week before wedding :
ü  Try to sleep early from now on. Eat healthy and drink fruit juice and water.

ü  If you are looking for teeth whitening or polishing or bleaching, visit the dentist now and get it done.

ü  Go for your regular facial.

ü  Get your eyebrows trimmed and shaped.

ü  Deep conditioning of the hair is required to get soft and shiny hair.

1 day before wedding :
ü  Get manicure and pedicure done.

ü  Go for waxing and threading session if required.

ü  Apply henna or mehendi on the hands.

ü  Keep your mind calm and go off to bed early.
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