Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to make thin lips plump up naturally?

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If you are already blessed with plumpy lips, then you are lucky. However, women with thinner lips need not to worry too. If you want fuller attractive lips, read on.

Now, in order to make the lips appear fuller and give them a good volume, many women go for injections. But then lip injections are a bit expensive and do have certain complications too related with it. Sometimes lip injections make the lips look very swollen and thick, and it looks quite unnatural, which may not be attractive to many eyes!

However, with some tips you can easily make thin lips plumpy instantly. In order to define your beauty, lips play a vital role and you need not to have a lot of products to do the change. If you want to go for a treatment or a lip filler then of course thats a good way, but it needs to be repeated. So, if you want to know a few tricks to make your lips look plumpy naturally, here are a few for you.

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Draw outlines – Just draw a subtle line around your pout and this would make your lips look fuller and attractive. Do not overdo it to make the lips look plumpy, which may not be good enough always.

Use a toothbrush – Yes if you just use a clean toothbrush on the lips before you apply any kind of lip makeup, it would help you attain the plumpy lips look.

Apply moisturizer on lips – To make your lips appear fuller and plumpier apply moisturizer on the lips always and keep the lips soft and supple. This extra care can really help you out and your lips.

Scrub your lips – Exfoliation when done on a regular basis can really help out in a beauty regimen. So scrubbing the dead cells off the lips and applying the lip makeup, can make your lips look more kissable. After that, go ahead and apply moisturizer.

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Concealer magic – Apply a concealer around your lips and this make your lips look plumpy. Also if you like lip glosses, go for it. Apply the gloss only on the centre of the pout. This gives a fuller lips look effect.

Choose right lip color – Makeup is all about making the right choices with the makeup products. So choose the right lip color shades. Always go for lighter shades, this would help in making the lips look full.

Menthol – While choosing lip balm or lip gloss, go for lip products which have got menthol in it. Menthol plumps up the lips, though the effect will be temporary. However, this is a good try!
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