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How to get thicker fuller natural eyebrows

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Thicker fuller eyebrows are totally in vogue these days. Gone are the days when women over-plucked their eyebrows and got a thinner perfect pair of eyebrows. Bigger, fuller eyebrows are going to stay in fashion currently, as has been observed by many fashion experts. Anyone looks better with full eyebrows and it gives a youthful natural look.

Now, going with the earlier trend, it might happen you have done some damage to your brows and plucked them more than what’s required, with a tweezer. So what’s to be done next? Here we will give you some tips and tricks to get fuller eyebrows despite the damage caused to your brows.

Use eyebrow powder or pencil – Take eyebrow powder to fill up the brows, this gives a much more natural softer look. Use an angled brush to fill up the brows. Do not stray far away from the natural eyebrow line. And if you have bigger gaps on your brows to fill up, use an eyebrow pencil to do so. Use it gently and apply light strokes on the brows to the direction in which the brows grow.
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Choose the right shade – You may use an eyebrow pencil or shadow but make sure you choose a shade that is closer to your natural eyebrow shade. However incase you do not find the exact match, go for a lighter shade to use on your brows.

Keep the tweezers far away from yourself – Now sometimes you want to clean up the eyebrows to look well-groomed, but end up doing a lot more than that! So if you want to obtain the fuller eyebrows look, just don’t use the tweezers for shaping up the brows at all. Eyebrow hair takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to grow back. Also refrain from using any kind of hair dye on the lashes, that can seriously damage the hair.

Oil for your brow hair – Use coconut oil on your brow hair for at least 2 to 3 days in a week. This would help the brow hair to stay protected from any further damage.

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