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How to conceal dropping saggy eyelids

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Dropping eyelids is another sign of ageing, but in order to conceal it there is no need of undergoing any surgery. Instead of spending thousands of bucks on expensive eyelift surgeries, you can go for some simple tricks that is really free of cost to try. So, to conceal droppy eyelids, here are some tricks.

No mascara on bottom eyelashes – Never apply mascara on your bottom eyelashes. Just curl the upper eyelashes and apply a few coats of a mascara, a thickening one preferably. If you curl your lashes, that instantly pops out the eyes.

Line your upper upper lids – Most of the makeup artists do recommend lining the upper lids only. Better to use a liquid eyeliner rather than a pencil eyeliner. Also on the outer corner, just flick the line up, so that it gives a “lifting” effect to the eyes. However, thick heavy lines are a big NO.
However, you can also go ahead and line your lower lid at times, but remember to use a pencil liner instead of liquid. If you can smudge the line a bit, its even better! However, avoid lining the inside of the eyes.
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Be careful about shimmer – If you are not careful with shimmer, it can be your biggest foe. Shimmery shadows highlight crow’s feet. However, in the inner corner of the eye this same shimmery eyeshadow can work wonderful. In the inner corner of the eyes, apply a dot of a light eyeshadow which is shimmery. This will make the eyes pop out.

Dont go for heavy colorful eyemakeup -  If the upper eyelid is already saggy, avoid using multi colored eyeshadows. However, do not forget to use an eyeshadow primer. Then go for a light eyeshadow which goes well with your skintone. Do not use any brigh crazy eyeshadow colors!

Use false lashes – Yes go for false lashes, if possible. However, do not choose the full lashes which were used in the 70s, instead go for individual lashes.

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