Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quick Anti-Aging Fixes

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Primer – After applying a moisturizer, put on a thin layer of hydrating primer for face all over. The primer wont let the moisturizer to vapourize soon, thus making the skin look dewy for longer time.

Peel for sensitive skin – Whether you have sensitive skin, or anyother skin type, go for a peel which is suitable for sensitive skin. Home-made peels make the skin look more even. However, skin peels can make the skin irritated and red, and therefore peels for sensitive skin are better as they would just brighten the skin and wont irritate the skin.

Eye mask – Using eye masks will reduce any puffiness or bags around the eyes and conceal the wrinkles which can be the result of dryness.
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Water mist for face – Spritzing facial water mist on the face after you have used foundation is a good way to pamper your skin. So after you have used the water mist, just use a dry makeup sponge over the wrinkles and blend the foundation all over your face with the help of the water mist, which wont let the foundation settle in between the fine lines and wrinkles.

Exercise – If exercising is not possible to be done by you everyday, just put your head in between the knees for a few minutes. When you sit back, you will find your face to be red as well as plumpy. The redness will go away in a few minutes but then the glow will stay for sometime.

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