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Kate Winslet's Beauty Secrets and Tips

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Kate Winslet is one of the most beautiful and attractive actress from Hollywood. Its no wonder that it is the reason why most of us women would love to know Kate Winslet’s beauty and makeup secrets. So here we would be giving you out all the secret tips that Kate follows to pamper herself and look beautiful. The favourite cosmetics and hair products she uses in her beauty regimen are also listed here. So, if you want to know all the beauty secrets of the classy pretty actress, read on.

Kate is a classic beauty. She does not believe in overdoing  her makeup. She highlights one facial feature at a time, as is the makeup rule. She generally loves focussing on her lip makeup mostly. She is not generally seen with heavy smoky eye makeup when she makes public appearances like in award ceremonies or red carpet walk.

Kate says glamour is for her is all about being graceful but understated. She says if one is wearing a very bright lip color, like a red lippie, then sport on a clean face, but apply several coats of mascara on the eye lashes. Her favourite lipstick is L’Absolu Rogue Lipstick from Lancome. Its a long lasting lip color.

She has tried on different types of foundation and Kate has found out that a mixture of two foundations over her skin makes it look flawless. She also does not use too much of face powder as it gets cakey at times if photographed. She uses powder only on the T-zones. Now, with age, her makeup needs have changed. During her 20s, her face was more rounded with a bit of baby fat. But now it has got more angular.
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Before any red carpet event, Kate follows a special diet plan to make her skin glowing and get rid of any puffiness from the face. The diet is given below :-
Ø  For breakfast she takes 2 oranges, 2 mandarins.
Ø  In mid-morning, Kate consumes a glass of orange juice mixed with lemon, raspberry or kiwi juice.
Ø  For the lunch, she takes a cup of grapes, a slice of watermelon, an infusion and also an apple.
Ø  For evening snacks, Kate takes just a grapefruit and 1 mandarin.
Ø  At night for dinner, Kate takes 3 cookies, then 3 pieces of pineapples, an infusion and a banana.
However, Kate Winslet occasionally loves to indulge in is fat coke. Its the plain coco-cola not diet coke. However, she is not a regular soda drinker, she drinks coke very occasionally.

Some of Kate Winslet’s favourite beauty products are as below :-
Ø  Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser – Kate says this cleanser helps a great deal to get rid of any kind of redness and swelling of the skin.
Ø  Lancome High Resolution Eye – This helps her to get rid of dark circles around the eyes and also puffiness from the eyes.
Ø  The Body Shop Lip Butter
Ø  Shu Umera Blotting Papers – Kate always carry these in her makeup bag and these comes handy and very helpful when the skin begins to shine, but of course not in a good way!
Ø  Lancome Teint Idole Ultra – Kate says this one is a lightweight foundation but gives a good coverage and this one stays on really well.
Ø  Avon Pro-To-Go Lipstick in shade Cherry Glisten
Ø  Serge Lutens Lip Crayon (Nude)
Ø  Shu Umera Eyelash Curler – She uses this almost everyday.
Ø  Avon Eyeshadow Trio (Pebble Wash)
Ø  Lancome Tresor Sheer EDT

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Kate also shared a few hair tips to the world, and here are a few tips told by her:-
Ø  You need to brush the hair at least 2 times in a day.
Ø  Go for mild shampoos.
Ø  Do not ever comb your hair while it is still wet.
Ø  Hair requires a lot of vitamins, iron and zinc. So make sure its getting these things adequately.
Ø  Do not forget to massage your scalp quite often.
Ø  Hair needs nutrition , so oiling the hair is very important.

Ø  Trim your hair at least after 3 months everytime.

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