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Stilettos? NO NO!

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Stilettos are really very fashionable, and makes you look and feel beautiful and glamorous anytime. However, you may not know, but stilettos are quite harmful for your health. Here are the adverse effects of wearing stilettos.

·         High heels cause muscle strain on the joints and tendons in the ankles and knees and also on the legs and lower back portion. If you are wearing heels regularly, it can damage the joint and muscle permanently, leading to osteoarthritis.

·         Stilettos which are razor thin need a lot of balance if you are wearing one. This can destabilise the ankle and make it move outward which may cause sprains.

·         Wearing heels can cramp toes leading to deformities on the forefoot.

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Low heels like one inch ones put more pressure on the knees. This can lead to degeneration in joints. So the higher the heels are, it causes more pressure on the feet.

·         Calf muscles may get shortened if you wear high heels. It also results in thickening and tightening of Achilies tendon. So even if you take off your shoes after sometime, that wont relieve the stress from your legs.

·         Wearing high heels everyday  makes the woman change her gait. Changing shoes may decrease the pressure on your knees and ankles but then can cause injury and tear the Achilies tendon.

So, if you are fond of wearing high heels, one thing that you can do immediately is that wear short heels which are not more than 2 inches. To prevent further injury,  try not to wear high heels much. If its very necessary to wear high heels, then go for heels which are thicker and not very thin and gives more support. Also change the heels and go for shorter ones at times.

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