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All about lipliners!

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Tracing the lip line with the help of a lip pencil may seem to be an easy task initially. However, it may not be such an easy deal, if you know what i mean! If you are trying to perfect the art of tracing lips with a lipliner, here are a few tips to follow which would help you immensely. Read on.

No visible lines :-  A lipliner is used to shape up the lips, thereby enhancing the lips and creating an illusion that one got fuller lips. However, the most common mistake made by many of us, is that we use a dark lipliner to line the lines and then fill it up using a light shaded lipstick, which leaves a visible line on the lips. Yes, i agree during the 90s this trend was on, but now we have changed a lot girls! So please dont follow 90s trend. This makeup trend has not yet come back.

Blend the lipliner with the lipstick : -  As i already said before a lipliner is there to give good shape to the pout. Especially this comes as an essential for ladies with thinner lips.

Firstly line the lips to bring out the shape of the lips properly. Then using your fingers start blending the lipliner nicely. Your lipliner should be the base on which the lipstick should be applied secondly. After blending, you should not be able to make out any visible lines. Now put on lipstick and blend both of it well to give you one seamless lip color as well as give the lips a natural shape.
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No over-enhancing the cupid’s bow :-  Cupid’s bow is the natural V-shape present above the top of your upper lip. To enhance the shape of the lips, defining the cupid’s bow is essential.
Using the lip liner just follow the natural V of your pout and draw the lips, thereafter blend it away with your fingers. Never ever draw stark lines on the lips which would create a harsh V-shaped lips. You can also put on a bit of highlighter or even concealer above the cupid’s bow which will add definition to the lips.

Go matchy-matchy with your lipliner and lipstick :-  If you are a fan of nude lipsticks, then opt for a nude lipliner. And if you are into reds, then go for a red lipliner. Your lipstick and lip liner should match so as not to create any visible lip lines.

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  1. I do not use lip iner. IT doesnt look good one I think.