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Easy Makeup tricks for sagging neck

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Women tend to forget caring about neck, until the neck skin has already started sagging. However even when properly moisturized and sunscreen is applied regularly on the neck, we generally may not be able to avoid the skin getting loose over there.

So here we shall provide you a few makeup tricks for sagging neck that will hide the flaws in the neck region. Lets get started.

Believe in less is more – Piling up loads of makeup on the neck region is not the solution. And it can be worser if the temperature is high as all that makeup can easily get transferred to the collars.

Don’t forget the primer – Later on you might be using the bronzer as well as highlighter to cover sagging neck, always apply a primer beforehand. It’s a part of the makeup to conceal sagging neck. If the primer is not applied properly, the bronzer or highlighter can get transferred to the jewelry or dress very easily.

Use cream makeup – Powder makeup does not last long. So go for cream foundation, cream bronzer and even cream concealer. If the skin under your chin is sagging, use a small brush to apply foundation and blend it sideways while going under the jawline, don’t apply foundation vertically down the neck. If you are aiming to reduce the roundness of the neck region  extend the bronzer towards the end of the jawline. Whatever makeup products you use on your neck region, make sure its one shade darker than your actual skin tone, which will emphasize your jawline.
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Be careful with the bronzer – One of the biggest makeup tricks for sagging neck is the application of bronzer. To conceal or downplay the sagginess on the neck region, dust the lightest bronzer all over the lower jaw and neck area. Use a big fluffy brush to do that. Then blend everything well.

Make your eyes attractive – One useful makeup trick for sagging neck is to emphasize on your eyes more, so that those catch the attraction rather than your neck. Go for eye makeup which will make your eyes look bigger. Winged out eyeliner, and full eyelashes are of much help.

Use blush cautiously – Another makeup trick for sagging skin is to draw attention to the upper part of your face. So define the cheekbones properly with the help of blush. Take a big fluffy brush and apply blush till the highest point of cheekbones. Don’t extend it towards the temples. Also go for a nice neutral tone not a too bright pink one.
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Opt for a soft lip color – If you put on a bold lipstick, you will draw more attention to jawline and neck. So keep the lower part of the face more neutral, go for softer lip color even a sheer one is fine.
Contour the neck – Contouring and blending is never ever done vertically, however to make your lips look slimmer, you can use a bit of shimmer there. Be very subtle.

Finish off with a translucent powder – This makeup routine had a lot of cream makeup products, however, a powder too finish off everything, is never a bad idea! Make sure the face powder matches with your skin tone. However avoid using any translucent powder with illuminators, because that will only highlight the sagging neck.

Style your hair and accessorize wisely – Your hairstyle and accessories can play a vital role to cover up sagging neck. Don’t go for chokers, use light necklace and heavy earrings. A long bob is a great hairstyle to conceal the sagginess.

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