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How to grow hair fast

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If you have always wondered how to make your hair grow fast, then this article can be of help to you. We would like to discuss the methods which can help you to grow your mane faster than usual.

Now its important to mention here that there are no full-proof scientific method to increase the growth of hair, but obviously one can stimulate hair growth. Some of the steps which can help you to grow your hair faster are as below :-

Go for such hair products which will suit your type of hair and also provide the mane lustre and protect it from the roots.

Hair requires amino acids to grow, and protein is the source of amino acid. Hair is basically made up of Keratin, and this keratin can be obtained from amino acids only. Therefore consumption of proteins is absolutely necessary. You can also go for keratin hair treatments in hair salons and spas. If done regularly, these hair treatments will make the hair healthy and also add shine to the hair.
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Dry scalp leads to dandruff formation, which prevents the growth of hair. So take care of your hair so that your scalp does not become dry.

While stepping out in the sun, you must protect your hair from sunrays, dust and dirt and pollution. Wear a scarf around your head while going out in the sun. Sun damages the hair, and dust helps in dandruff formation.

Not only you need protein, but also Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and iron and zinc. If you are not taking iron and zinc rich food,  that can lead to poor health of the hair as well as loss of hair.

Always stick to healthy diet plans as poor diet will lead to unhealthy hair.

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