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How to grow long eyelashes naturally

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Some women are blessed naturally with long eyelashes, but for some other women, thats not the case.

In order to add more of glamour and x appeal, long eyelashes are a must! Also long eyelashes make eyes look bigger and brighter. A quick resolution would be to use fake eyelashes. However, if you want to get long eyelashes then you can follow some beauty tips mentioned below –

Treat eyelashes with oil every night : Before retiring to bed, do not forget to use oil like castor oil, coconut oil or mustard oil on your eyelashes. This process must be followed regularly. Only then you can see your lashes grow in due course of time.

Vaseline therapy : You basically need good old vaseline and a clean mascara brush to do this. Every night apply vaseline on your lashes with a mascara brush. This would help in growth of lashes.

Include Vitamin E in your diet : Vitamin E supplements should form a part of your diet each and every day to give the long eyelashes you want.

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