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Makeup Tricks to achieve an even complexion

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There are several skin issues like acne scars, signs and spots of ageing, rosacea or capillary issues, which can make the complexion uneven and dull. Now all these skin problems, can hamper the complexion only after a considerable period of time, but then its always good to know how to handle these kind of skin issues if they happen at all. So here in this article we put down a few important tricks that can create the illusion that you got a flawless even complexion!

Color correction – If your skin got a bit of redness or may be some sun burn, its always better to use a primer with a hint of color or pigment in it. This can actually neutralize the unevenness in the skin tone. Always apply this kind of a primer before you grab the foundation for the skin. If there is a lot of redness, go for a green tinted primer, it will diminish the red spots. If the skin is sallow, pink tinted primers or even lavender tinted ones will be extremely useful. So in this way, you girls can deal with hyper pigmentation issues, without piling on layers of makeup all over the face.

Don’t miss the ears – Yes, ears are often overlooked while applying makeup. But then its important to apply the same foundation on the ears too alongwith face, to maintain an even skin tone. If you are putting on makeup for an event or party, and putting ur hair back upwards or behind the ears, blend the same foundation which you have used on your face and neck, on the ears too so that it matches the skin tone of the face and neck. A bit of foundation on that region, with a light puffing of compact or loose powder will complete the makeup.
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Don’t forget your neck – After you have applied makeup, it often happens that the neck and chest is of altogether different color than that of your face. This can happen as a result of not using sunscreen properly and thus skin gets damaged due to sunrays. Or else you might have overlooked the neck and chest while you applied makeup on face, and thus the undertones on your face and neck are not matching. So when you are about to expose your neck and chest too, blend the foundation on these areas too. To add some warmth to the skin tone, you can lightly use a bronzer on that area or else even apply a bit of blush with a powder brush in order to even out the complexion properly. And don’t ever forget to apply SPF on your face, neck and chest while stepping out in the sun.

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