Thursday, November 27, 2014

All about holiday makeup

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Holiday parties are fun always. It always allows one to be oneself and mingle with her friends and family and co-workers. In such parties, all are very cheerful and don’t mind any mess up with the arrangement of such a party. However, messing up with holiday makeup is never a good idea. And so here we are, to make you look fabulous during such a holiday party. We are gonna share all the do’s and don’t’s of holiday makeup.

Use shimmer wisely – Shimmery powder and highlighting liquids are there to add a nice healthy glow to your facial skin, so always be subtle with that. If you apply a lot of shimmer, it will make your skin look greasy.  Also with that kind of makeup, you would never like the way you look in pictures especially taken with flash. Add highlighter to cheekbones, eyelids and also on the brow bones.

Go easy with your winged eyeliner – Classic winged eyeliner is always a safe try, it generally never looks bad with most of the makeup looks. However, avoid over-extension of winged eyeliner. The wing should be drawn neat and clean and just extend the wings a bit beyond the lash line. Use an angled eyeliner brush and a cake eyeliner or a liquid liner to apply the liner easily and achieve the flick properly.
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Avoid heavy false eyelashes – Go for false lashes or individual eye lashes which will blend naturally with the lash line and wont look dramatic, but add to the volume. Also use a good volumnizing mascara. Wiggle the wand at the bottom of lashline and move the wand up slowly.

Try out pretty lip color – Skip the regular nude lip colors you generally use, and go for some colorful pretty lip color but don’t go overboard with it. If you are donning on a bold lip color, use subtle eye makeup.

Don’t forget your arms and legs – Apply moisturizer or body oil to hydrate the skin and add a nice sheen. If you want a bit of highlight on the skin, add a bit of highlighter or illuminator on the body lotion, and apply it on the exposed areas of the skin.

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