Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Biotique Avocado Body Massage Oil Bio Cado Review


I got the Biotique Avocado Body Massage Oil Bio Cado long back for my mother. She wanted something great to make her feel good and which could relieve her from the all day long strenuous work. It contains 210 ml of oil and costs INR Rs 135. The packaging is simple. Plastic white transparent bottle with a green cap.

Ingredients : Rai Tail, Badam Tail, Neem Oil, Til Oil, Arandi Tail, Ankurit Gehun Satva, Dudhal Mool Kewath, Vegetable oil.

What Biotique claims about the Biotique Avocado Body Massage Oil Bio Cado ? : A unique blend of Ayurvedic oils that relaxes the muscles and leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple. Contains natural oils of Avocado, Almond, Olive, Sesame, Sunflower alongwith Galangal and Dandelion extract.

How to use? : Apply appropriate amount and massage using a circular motion.

Biotique Avocado Body Massage Oil Bio Cado is okay just for massaging purpose. I dont think it acts as a stress buster or anything of that sort. Just like anyother oil it makes the skin soft instantly, but there is nothing special in that. Will never work on oily skin, as the oil is too sticky and greasy and can pick up any dirt if you get in contact with anything dirty. So i think, one needs to take a shower immediately after applying this body massage oil. And ewww it smells gross! Overall an okayish body massage oil, within budget if you got no issues with smell or stickiness. Also the fact that the oil is 100% herbal as claimed by the company might be a reason for you to try this. But no, i wont repurchase this in my life.

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