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How to wear bold eyeshadows

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Wearing bold eye shadows can be fun, but if you are more into neutral tones, thinking of bold colors as eye shadows can intimidate you. However the urge to try new things, make us switch from the regular things and experiment with other fun stuffs. So when it comes to wearing bold colourful eye shadows, we should always aim at looking beautiful without going overboard. So if you wanna experiment with eye shadow colors right away, you may go through the tips before experimenting.

Use primer – We often miss this primer part, but let me tell you, a bit of priming will definitely help the eye shadow to remain intact without creasing. Whenever we wear bold shadows, it should stay neat and clean for hours until we get back home. So an eye shadow primer would help to keep the eye shadow in place all day long.

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Blending – Blending is very important when you wear a bold eye shadow. Start applying any nice bright color from the lash line and blend it upwards. Remember, too much of different color can spoil the look. So stick to one or two colors, blend them well and am sure you will look lovely in the bold eye shadow look.

Highlight either the eyes or lips – If you are opting for a more intense eye shadow look, balance the lips well by wearing something neutral or light on lips. There should not be too much of color clash going on the face. So instead of adding tons of colors all over the face, balance the look well.

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