Sunday, July 26, 2015

Granny Hair / Silver Gray Hair Color Trend

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Have you ever envied your grand ma’s hair? If not, then now is the right time to be envious of her gray luscious locks, because gray hair is totally IN these days and its safe to call gray as the new blonde!

Throughout all these years we have seen people around us struggle and spend loads of money to keep gray hair at bay. But today the scenario has changed and young and aged alike are giving in to the new hair trend of grey hair color. I know, at first you might be very bewildered and wont even dare to imagine gray hair on you. But who knows, tomorrow you might just fall in love with this season’s trend.

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Several social networking sites are using the tag #grannyhair while women from all over the world are posting their snaps flaunting the new hair color. Celebs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pink, Kelly Osbourne have already embraced this grey/ white/ lavender hair color. According to an ace hair stylist from New York, granny hair is basically silver hair with undertones of any gray color or silver or even plum.

So anyways if you are looking to get those granny hair on you, i mean, to get your hair gray, then please keep in mind this grey hair would require a very light color base. So if you have dark hair, you need to bleach those locks or lighten them into a blonde color. And thereafter the grey color can be used to get the grey hair that you wanna have.

Picture Courtesy : jennica gomez
As soon as this new hair style or tend stormed the beauty industry, many salons are offering this service, but not every salon will be able to dye your hair gray. Because not all hairstylists have been trained to do so. So while you are trying to book an appointment to get your hair done, make sure that the hair-stylist is trained to help you to get gray granny hair. Also granny hair style does not come cheap. And every month touch ups required. The process is long, it takes couple of hour to bleach or lighten natural hair and then the color application requires a few hours. All total, the entire process might require even upto 7 hours. Granny hair has been announced by many beauty and style magazines and blogs to be the hottest hair trend of 2015. So you may try this trend soon. My best wishes! :)

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