Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bang Bang Bangles are back with a BANG!

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Yes girls, this season take out all those funky chunky pieces of bangles that you ever had, u might borrow from your momma too, and flaunt yourselves in a new style. Bracelets may not be an IN thing in the fashion scenario these days, however sporting a bauble is very chic and cool.

Accessorizing the right way always make a girl look uber cool drawing all the attention on her! Bangles are often treated as a part of the Indian ethnic look. Especially some of the mod girls would just avoid wearing bubles with the excuse that they don’t wear a saree or salwar kameez or kurti churidaar to match up with the ethnic feminine look. But girl, now you can accessorize your hands with bangles even if you dress up in western casual wear. Many celebs, fashionistas totally do it, and look really good.

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So, in case you would love to wear some bangles and flaunt the new YOU, continue reading on :D

The most casual dress up would be you in blue denim jeans with some loose t-shirt. Sounds very familiar, right? Why don’t you spice up everything from just being plain Jane. Add some bangles on your hands. Simple.

If the tee is off shoulder it would be more fun then. Just to end all that boring color continuation, you may wear broad bangles with designs and patterns on it.

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Next up, if you are wearing prints dresswise, go for bangles which are in solid colors. Avoid too much of print or designs on the bangles. However if you are into mix and match of accessories and don’t mind wearing more than a pair of bangles, you may include beaded bangles too with this particular look.

An easy peasy way to select the bangles would be to match the outerwear you are wearing with the bangles. You can select same colored bangles.

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If you are into sequinned and embellished dresses, you can pair it up with gold bangles. Make sure your bag is embellished too, to match up. And just to make everything funny and stylish in a different way, you may wear sneakers.

If you don’t find a chance to wear your favourite bangles, then don’t worry, just wear them on both the wrists. It does not need to compliment each other or be in pairs. Be casual with this. And you can try this with a really summertime halter-neck flowy medium dress or a backless dress.

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If you are not into bangles, or you think bangles may not go well with your looks, you may test the water with a wooden bangle instead of the plastic or the metal ones.

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