Sunday, July 19, 2015

How can you wear track pants outside gym

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Track pants are absolutely a very comfortable wear, be it in the gym or at home. But have you ever thought of wearing one while stepping out of the house may be for shopping or a fun-day at college or work? Fashionistas might rebuke me for writing this nonsense, as track pants are way too casual and we better not bring such casual work-out outfits in our daily lives outside the gym. But then a few of the Hollywood divas were seen sporting this trend of wearing track pants outside gym and still looking fantabulous!

Well, if you are a bold gutsy woman and love trying various things which are a bit unconventional, u may read on.

Dakota Fanning’s damn cool look is really fab. She is wearing track pant with a sleeveless cropped tight top, and of course completed the look with sneakers as footwear. This style is really easy to adapt in your daily life, and you can totally wear this if you are going for shopping or movie.

Next is Rihanna, who was seen wearing a normal t-shirt with track pant and a cap. And of course sneakers! This attire is very sportswoman like, however very fun to try out. And perfect for a casual fun-day at your university or college.

Image Courtesy : Getty Images/ Caroline McCredie
The last we see Alexander Spencer flaunting on a similar look. She teamed up the track pant with a regular white vest or strapped top tucked in, and a jacket on top, gives her a very refined and edgy look. A sling bag and pumps complete the look. This style can be emulated whether you are going to office or any event and want to look very polished casual but different!

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