Monday, July 20, 2015

Khadi herbal face wash in sandalwood and honey Review


Hey girls, today i will be writing about the Khadi herbal face-wash in sandalwood and honey. I have been using this for a few months now. And must say it lasts long, one pack is going on for 3 months more now. I got this online.

Ingredients : Sandalwood, Rose water, Aloevera, Reetha, Honey, Glycerine.

What Khadi claims about the Khadi herbal facewash in sandalwood and honey? : Excellent for mature skin and has immense healing properties. Honey moisturizes, rejuvenates and keeps skin soft.

Khadi herbal facewash in sandalwood and honey comes in a plastic bottle with black plastic cap, so this packaging is not sturdy and hence you cant travel around with this in your purse. Not travel friendly. Smells sandalwood, but very light fragrance, no artificial or loud fragrance. Contains 210 ml of the product and costs 150. The product is dark red in color. But does not get that lathery when applied. A little bit of the face wash is enough to wash the face clean.

Cleans the face well. But if one got oily skin like me then you need to wash your face again and again because the face tends to get oily in an hour or so after washing it with Khadi herbal face wash in sandalwood and honey. Overall a good face wash and also that its all natural and herbal might be a reason to try this. Also this facewash is very mild and not at all harsh on skin.

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