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How to hide your cankles or heavy legs

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If you are absolutely disgusted about your cankles that is your heavy calves and ankles, which makes your legs appear heavy and you think its impossible to hide these nasty cankles, fret not, we have some solutions to help you overcome this situation!

Now cankles may appear due to body weight gain or fluid retention in the legs. Permanent solutions to get rid of these cankles would be obviously weight loss, workouts and plastic surgery. But during the process of doing all these to get rid of cankles, in order to hide that flaw temporarily i shall jot down some steps that would help.

How to dress for heavy legs or cankles : Yes its all about the dressing unless you have got rid of cankles permanently. Below are few points which must be taken care of.

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Always opt for pants – Whenever you get an opportunity, wear pants safely. Wear pants that does not taper. Skinny jeans or leggings are no good! The pants should be not too wide or too fitted. It should be kind of straight. Bootcut jeans is the best choice, it will balance out everything.

Say NO to cropped pants – Any cropped pants that end at the ankles must be avoided always. We do not want to highlight the problematic areas and thats what a Capri will do. But if the pants end just below the ankles or at the ankles, you may try those. The hem of the pants or shorts should be ending at the thinnest part of the legs.

Find the slimmest part of your legs – Generally knee is the area which is the slimmest part of one’s legs and that is where the dress or skirt or pants hemline should be. Never go for ruffled or embellished hemlines which would draw the attention downwards. A fitted pencil skirt will accentuate your curves and draw attention upwards and not downwards. But make sure the hemline ends at the slimmest part of your legs.

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Tall boots – If you wanna look tall and slim, go for tall boots. Team it up with tunics and leggings or slim jeans tucked in the boots. Pick booties made for cankles and wide ankles and not the regular conventional ones.

Monochromatic – It looks the sleekest when the entire bottom is of one color. Like the skirt or dress, hose or tights and shoes all three are monochromatic. Thats why many women follow the trick of all black. It definitely makes the woman look taller and slimmer.

No ankle straps, please – Avoid any shoes that got straps or laces around the ankle. There should be no emphasis given on the ankle part at all.

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Choose high heels as footwear always – Always opt for footwear that elongates your feet, so nothing better than wedge or heels in this case. However don’t choose spiky heels or stilettos.

Pay attention to the top – Most popular fashion tricks of all women is Distraction! Put on good eye makeup, wear something nice and heavy as neck piece. Also do your hair right. This kind of impeccable makeup and hairstyle wont let the onlookers notice any minute flaws in the lower part.

Chunky footwear – Chunky footwear are extremely helpful if you are worried of cankles. It will balance out those heavy legs.

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Decorate your ankles – There goes a famous fashion quote that if you cannot hide it, just decorate it! Follow the same trick here. Wear a bracelet on your ankles or you can get inked there. And just keep flaunting it!

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