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How to wear skinny jeans and leggings in your 40s

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Many of the pretty ladies out there are too uncomfortable to try on skinny jeans or leggings thinking they are too old to wear one. With age we women stop experimenting, and when it comes to wear something skin tight like jeans, leggings or jeggings, most of the women who are in their 40s or above think its unwearable.

The 80s saw the leggings trend a lot, and after that the trend vanished and only of late for a few years now this trend has resurfaced in the fashion scenario. Today’s leggings are more sophisticated, fashionable. You get leggings made from spanx these days, then there are leggings which look like jeans that we call jeggings, and of course there are designer leggings too available.

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Its okay to try cheaper leggings at first, but make sure the elastic band waist is not very low. Ponte knit leggings are great option for matured women as its not that transparent. And the fabric is also not that light.

Definitely leggings look chic, and if you pair it with tunic and vest which will cover up the tush, you can never look bad! Black leggings are a must have in a woman’s closet! And you always wear leggings with any kind of footwear be it high heels or just flats. But then ladies, you need to maintain a safe distance from ripped-up leggings, lacey leggings. That aint suitable for a matured woman.

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Now talking about skinny jeans, it really does not to be that goddamn skin tight so that you cant even walk or sit properly. Bootcut jeans are anyday better for women in their 40s but then if you are too fond of skinny jeans, u may pair it with boots. You can tuck in the jeans inside the boots. The junkiness of the boots will balance the skinniness of the jeans. And always opt for dark colored skinny jeans.

Now skinny jeans and leggings are favourites of plus sized women too. If one goes slimmer on the bottom, its essential to choose outfits that is suitable for her body type. A monochromatic look is best if you are opting for skinny jeans or leggings. Go all black, like black tunic with black jeans and black boots. You can go for charcoal color top too, if you are not into black. But always try to wear same color of jeans or leggings and footwear which will give your entire legs same color.

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If your legs are a bit heavy, you can team up skinny jeans with high heels. That will make the legs appear more long and slim. But if you are already blessed with slim legs, you can wear ballerina flats too with jeans. Also if you wanna experiment more, you can go for ankle length jeans along with boots. That gives a cool chic look!

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