Friday, July 24, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Inspired Trend : Sizzle with Pink Lips

Image Courtesy : elle
Yes you have heard it right, pink is the new red. In the recent past at the Paris International Fashion Week, makeup artist Linda Cantello who works with the brand Giorgio Armani made the models try something other than red, and it totally drove all girls crazy. It was PINK on the lips everywhere on the ramp. Be it any season, fuschia lips brightens the complexion instantly.

Pink lips trend wont stop anyone from using red lipsticks, but obviously at times a little switching of colors is good. I love red lips, but even i wanna wear more pink. So girls if you wanna try this pink pout trend straight off the runway, here are a few quick tips on how to do so.

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Exfoliate the lips – Before applying any dark or bold color on your lips, do not forget to exfoliate your lips. This will ensure that all the dead skin cells have been removed and there are no flakes visible on the lips. Apply any good lip scrub or exfoliator all over the lips and rub it in circular motion, this will remove all dead skin cells.

Lip primer – Just to moisturize your lips post scrubbing, put on lip primer, it will also act as a protective shield for your lips. The primer will smoothen the lips and act as a base on the lips, so that the lipstick can glide over the lips smoothly. Its very important to have smooth lips in order to apply lip colors properly and evenly.

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Choose a good pink lipstick and lip liner – Before applying lipstick, for a better guidance you may outline the lips with a lip liner pencil of a similar pink color. This will give a perfect shape to your pout. And after that, go ahead and apply that favourite pink lipstick generously.

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