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10 Best Eyeliner Tips and Tricks for Girls

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If you suddenly run out of the favourite eyeliner, and you still need to put on makeup as you got to go out, there are always a few tricks which will help you draw the perfect line on eyes. A quick eyeliner fix would be to use your regular mascara on the eyelids with an eyeliner brush, that will just work the same as the eyeliner, but do not apply mascara on the bottom line. If you don’t have mascara handy, just take a wet eyeliner brush, dip it in a dark eye shadow and apply it on the eyelids like eyeliner.

If you have a pencil eyeliner, you will have numerous options of trying best eyeliner tricks to get the perfect eyeliner look. Below, we are stating a few eyeliner tips and tricks that every girl should know.

Heat the pencil eyeliner – If the eyeliner pencil is crumbly and dry, the application will be harder, and the pencil will scratch your skin, and it will be even more tough to apply liner on the waterline. So take your blow-dryer out and heat the tip of the pencil liner, that will soften the pencil up.

You can also use a lighter to heat up the tip of the eyeliner pencil, and you will get the texture akin to a gel eyeliner. However, after you have heated the pencil up, in order to make sure its not too hot for the eyes, try it first at the back of your hand.

Go double with pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner – It might be difficult to get all the lines straight and precise and get the perfect eyeliner look with the liquid eyeliner at one go. So the best eyeliner trick is to start drawing lines with a pencil eyeliner first, once you have got the desired eye makeup look with the pencil liner, go ahead and use the liquid eyeliner over the pencil. Using a pencil first will help you to erase any mistakes easily if it happens. This will also help the eyeliner to stay on longer.
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Use a business card to get straight line – If you are not a pro, at times no matter you use a pencil eyeliner, gel liner or liquid liner, you may not be able to get straight lines. The best way to get the perfect straight flick on the outer corner of the eyes is to use a business card. Just hold the card in an angular position on the outer corner of the eyes, and use the liner to flick out the wing on the outer corner. So, whether you are going for a cat winged eyeliner look or just extending the liner on the outer corner of the eyes, this trick really helps.

Start lining from the outer corner of the eyes – If you want a professional look, start lining from the outer corner of the eyes. You decide the shape you want on the outside and begin from there. This will certainly help to get a more defined look. You can also stop midway, and don’t line the inner corners of the eyes, if you want a natural makeup look.

Use flesh-colored eyeliner to fix up mistakes – Get an eyeliner that matches your skin tone, and just use it to cover up any mistakes that you might have made while using the eyeliner. This way, you don’t have to wipe off dark liner from your face which leaves a dark shadow on the area, but you can just lightly put on a few strokes of the skin-colored pencil on the area which you have made mistake.
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Use eye shadows for smudging – Often we want a soft smudged eyeliner look, and the smudging brush which comes at the other end of some eyeliner pencils do not help much in this case. So, take an eye shadow which matches the shade of the eyeliner and with a smudge brush apply on the areas you want to smudge and then smudge the lines out. This will give you a non-messy nice smokey eyes.

Use white liner to make colors pop – Often we may like to line our eyes with various eyeliner colors, but then not all eyeliners or eye shadows will be richly pigmented to give the desired look. So, add some white liner on the eyelids before putting on the colored liner or eye shadow, and after you do that, you can see the colors pop!

Go over the eyeliner with eye shadow – In order to get a long lasting look, whether you are using liquid or gel or pencil eyeliner, you can always use an eye shadow of similar color and go over the eyeliner. This wont allow the eyeliner to smudge.

Sharpen the edges of the rough lines – At times when in a hurry, its difficult to get a sharp precise line on the eyes, as we end up having rough edges on the eyes. So, after putting on the eyeliner, take a q-tip and dip it in a bit of petroleum jelly and run it over the line to get the lines more defined.
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Use white eyeliner to make eyes pop – White eyeliner will not only make the eyes pop but also help to maintain balance between any dark shades and liner on the eyes alongwith the white on the waterline. So, whether you have done smokey eyes or a light eye makeup look, its always better to use a bit of white color on the waterline.

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