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Benefits of Rose Water for Dry Skin

Rose water for dry skin (Picture Courtesy : amazingpict)
Dry skin has its own problems, and people who are dry skinned want to get smooth soft skin always. Whether you are naturally dry skinned or its a result of climatic conditions, rose water is the best solution to get rid of rough dry skin. One can easily keep his or her skin hydrated, smooth and soft by using rose water in their beauty skincare regimen. Rose water supplies lot of moisture and hydration to the skin.

So, if you want to know how to use rose water for dry skin, continue reading this post.

Mixture of rose water and moisturizer – A good way to hydrate dry skin is to mix rose water with daily body lotion or moisturizer. Just put a few drops of it on to the moisturizer and apply normally. Any kind of skin itchiness, flakiness, redness will disappear if you use the mixture, also the skin will be softer and smoother instantly!

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Dry skins are generally more prone to signs of ageing, so rose water will keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay. You can also go for homemade moisturizers which can be made by mixing 1 tablespoonful of coconut oil or avocado oil with 2 teaspoonful of honey and equal amount of rose water. With this homemade moisturizer, dry skin will be hydrated and soft and supple in a second.

Rose water toner – If you use rose water daily as facial toner, it will be very effective to treat dry skin. Generally normal face toners contain alcohol and also chemicals which are very harsh on the skin, and can strip off moisture from skin.

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Soak a cotton ball in rose facial toner and apply it on face after you have cleansed your face well. The natural rose toner will remove any remaining makeup, dirt from skin. You can also use chilled rose water which freshens up the skin instantly and also moisturizes it.

Rose water is undoubtedly the best natural treatment for dry skin. It helps to get rid of skin flakes, itchiness, redness, signs of ageing to name a few. This would help you to get healthy, moisturized skin.

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