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All about Bubble Nails

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The latest beauty trend is the Bubble or hump nails. Hump nails are basically short curved extensions. Nails look like mini domes with the curvy nail art placed on the centre of the nails. This funky nail art trend emerged in 2009, when nail artist Hoa Bui, an employee at the Ann’s Nail Salon in Philadelphia, sported the nail art and sent pictures to the Nail Magazine of that.

The process of getting hump nails or bubble nails is generally not that complicated. You just need to determine the placing of the hump or bubble and height of it, after that the acrylic will be shaped and sculpted just taking in mind your preferences. The nail cuticles must be kept thin. The acrylics should be tapering at the nail tips while expanding at the centre of the nails. This will give the bubble like shape.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest
Frankly speaking i don’t like this latest nail art trend of hump or bubble nails but if you like this go ahead and give it a try! The procedure to remove the bubble nails is easy, very similar to removing acrylic nails in general. The steps of removing bubble nails are given below :-
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·         Bubble nails are formed out of acrylic nails, so cut as much as possible of the acrylic with the help of a nail cutter or clipper. If some parts of the nails are thicker than the rest, don’t cut, but file it off.
·         Buffer to file off the nail paints from the nails.
·         Take a bowl half full of acetone and dip your finger nails in it. Keep away anything inflammatory.
·         After that, take a buffer and scrape off any remaining acrylic from the nails.

·         Since you have used acetone on the nail area, take some petroleum jelly and apply it on the fingers. That will protect the skin.

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