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Best eye shadow shades to enhance your eyes

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Choosing the right shade of eye color is extremely important. Only when the right shade of eye shadow is applied on the eyes, it can enhance your eyes. So, in this article we would be discussing about the shades that enhance each and every eye color.

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Blue Eyes – Cool blue eyes pop out well if you wear light neutral tones. Any harsh smokey eye look should be avoided. Go for soft tonal shades such as champagne or coral shades. Such colors wont distract the attention.

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Gray Eyes – Sooty smokey shades will complement gray eyes. A silvery metallic blue color or just a wash of light gray or perhaps a steel hue will help to play up the gray eyes.

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Green Eyes – Your eyes are naturally bright if you have green eyes, so you need not use colourful shadows. A shimmery brown would be perfect for daytime eye makeup and for the night-out makeup, a bit of purple shadow would be good.

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Hazel Eyes – For hazel eyes, metallic shades as well as the pastels work well. Heavy smokey eyes cant bring out the green and golden hints in such multitonal eyes. Therefore soft metallic shadows or light dusty pink shadows will amplify the specks helping your light brown eyes to sparkle.

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Brown Eyes – With brown eyes, most of the eye colors will go well. However, metallic gold hues or salmon shades will really accentuate brown eyes. To add a touch of intensity to the brown eye makeup, put some dark black eye shadow on the crease and blend it well.

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Dark Brown Eyes – For dark eyes, rich pigments on the eyelids work the best. To get larger eyes, use bright rich shades like chocolate, purple or silver. And in order to define the dark eyes more, you can use a black eyeliner or kohl on the waterline.

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