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Lets have Cauliflower Rice to lose weight!

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If you are into healthy eating, then cauliflower is for you. You may have already heard all the rave about cauliflower rice, or mashed cauliflower, pizza bases made up of cauliflower and even cauliflower flour. Its a versatile vegetable. And it cant be substituted by any other veggie it seems.

One major reason behind all this hype about cauliflower is that its low carb and got lesser calories. Like, a 100 gram of cauliflower rice or mash got only 25 calories while cooked white rice got 140 calories for 100 gram. Also cauliflower keeps you full for hours, so you wont feel hungry.

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An easy way to get cauliflower rice is to cut off the cauliflower’s head. That way you will get the mock cauliflower rice. However, soon UK will have Cauliflower rice launched nationwide. Gem Misa would be heading the initiative who has been a fan of cauliflower rice or Cauli-Rice for a long time but found it a difficult task to accomplish with family and especially little ones around.

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Gem Misa says that the taste of Cauli-Rice is fine and is just the same as that of rice. It got a shelf-life of 1 year. The other alternative in the market is the cauliflower couscous by Tesco which is presently available in the international food market, but it got a shelf-life of only 2 days. Cauli-Rice needs to be just cooked in the microwave or stir fried lightly and it would be ready to be consumed.

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