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Fun Unconventional Ways to store Makeup

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Most of us women love applying makeup, and prefer not to go out of the house without our daily dose of makeup. Makeup is a very important part in a woman’s life, and it defines the best of our features thereby enhancing our looks.

In order to take care of the shelf-life of each and every makeup product that we own, its vital that we store our makeup goodies properly so that the makeup products can last longer. If you are creative, and don’t mind spending a few minutes to recycle used products and using it as your makeup stash, then here we bring some fun unique ways to store makeup just for you girls!

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Cake Stands – Next time you get a birthday bash thrown at your place, make sure to keep the cake stand with yourself. Later on, you can clean it up well and decorate it nicely with some beads and put together your perfumes, deos et al in that. You can also store your compact powders or earrings in it.

Pencil Boxes – You may be a student who already has one or you may borrow a pencil box from younger ones, and store your eyeliner pencils and lip pencils in it.  This way, the pencils wont have a chance to get dropped on the floor now and then with the lid broken.

Takeaway Boxes – Next time you order some food at your place, don’t throw away the takeaway boxes if they are thick and hardy. Instead wash them properly. Or clean them. You can decorate the outer cover of the box with some sequins and store a lot of makeup products in the box.

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Bowl – If you have any plastic bowl at home which is no longer of any use, make it a part of your makeup corner. You can decorate the bowl with nice cute ribbons or cut out pieces of lace and put inside lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, mascaras, eyelash curlers etc.

Sunglass Case – If you have any old sunglass case which is no longer of any use, you can use it to store all your makeup brushes. Also this way you can carry them too on the go.

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Ice Tray – If you have ice trays at home, and a bunch of eye shadow singles, you can easily put the eye shadow singles inside the cubicles of the ice tray and arrange your makeup corner well.

Small plastic glass – Often we have plastic glasses at home which we no longer use. Bring such glass to organise your makeup. You can put all the cotton swab and q-tips in it. And can pick up whenever you want one.

Adhesive hooks – If you have hair tools like curling iron, hair straightener etc, get some adhesive hooks, and you can hang those hair tools on the wall with the help of the hooks or even on the cabinet door.

Kitchen Utility Tray – We often have spare kitchen utensil trays. Just make use of one such, and put your regular makeup products in it so that you can get an easy access to these anytime you need to put on makeup.

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That’s all on storing makeup products using unconventional yet recycled products mostly. You need not spend thousands of  bucks to get a proper dresser for yourself. If you can spend for dresser then that’s fine, but at times some of us may not have the budget to get a new makeup dresser made for them, so the tips hopefully will help then!

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