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Beauty Tips with a Spoon!

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You may have tons of makeup tools starting from brushes to spoolies, sponges etc but at times a simple spoon can be of many use outside kitchen. You may never thought of having a spoon in your makeup drawer, but after reading this post, keep a spoon handy always. This post brings to you a few beauty tips which involve a spoon.

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Under eye bags or puffy tired eyes care – Keep two spoons in the freezer overnight and in the morning place the back of the cold spoons in the under eye areas, close to the inner corner of the eyes. Now applying a tad bit of pressure move the spoons towards the outer corners of the eyes. The cold spoon will decrease the puffiness as the movement will distribute the fluid collected under the eyes.

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Mascara application – Applying mascara on the lower eye lashes gets messy at times, but if you have a spoon handy, make use of it. Place a spoon under your eyes with the curvy side sticking out, and start applying mascara on the lower lashes. Any kind of flakes or residue of the mascara will get on the surface of the spoon instead of messing up your eye makeup.

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Eye lash curler – So if you don’t have a nice pair of eye lash curler, a spoon can always help you. Place the curved side of the spoon on your upper eye lids close to the lashes. Use your finger to gently press the eye lashes against the edge of the spoon. If you want a dramatic effect, use a blow dryer to heat the spoon before doing the process mentioned before.

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Contouring – Finding the hollows of your cheekbones seem to be difficult, so you can use spoon to contour properly. Just cup in the apples of your cheeks in the spoon, and the area below the spoon is actually where you need to apply the bronzer for contouring your face, so go ahead and contour!

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Pimple healing – Take a cup of lukewarm water and dip the spoon in it for some time until the spoon is hot. Now on the pimple, place the back of the heated spoon and hold it like that until the spoon gets cool. This is an old trick, but helps to heal acne faster.

With this useful beauty tips using a metal spoon, am sure next time around you will definitely have this utensil with you always, be it at kitchen or dresser.

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