Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to contour face with foundations

Image Courtesy : Beautybugblog
Contouring aint a trouble-free task! Playing strategically with the lighter and darker shades on the face and blend everything well, until the areas of lightness and shadows are amplified, is definitely precarious. Anyways, here we bring a few tips which will make contouring easy for girls.

Instead of a bronzer, go for a foundation or a foundation powder. Choose 3 foundations or  powders of 3 shades, and they should be only 1 shade different from each other. Now place the lightest shade on the centre of the face, dab the medium one on your cheeks and the darkest shade on the jaws and outside of the face to give the face depth and dimension.

Image Courtesy : dayoffindulgences
So this is a good way to avoid precise shading. Make use of foundations or just face powders, and you are done. If you believe in simple way of doing makeup, you should try this simple contouring method. 

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