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How to get sexy toned abs for crop tops

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Crop Tops are a must have outfit in every girl’s closet this season. So whether you wear a bikini or not, you would still want to possess those killer abs. Crash diet is no longer IN. These days, one needs to have a balanced diet and work out well in order to tone the abs. So, here we shall discuss about 6 exercises which can give you super toned hot abs.

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Side Shaper – This exercise not only shapes the sides but trims the waistline, reducing the love handles.
You have to position yourself on the floor on your one side with hips touching the floor. Now, just bend the bottom leg and put it backside. Put the bottom elbow on the floor, and extend your top leg straight and parallel to the floor. Slowly, bend the top knee and bring it close to the chest, but keep it parallel to the floor all the time. Extend it back to the same position when you started and keep repeating. Then roll over to the other side, and do the same move for the other leg. Minimum 10 times repetition should be good enough for each leg.

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Single Towel Slider – This exercise strengthens the core that is the muscles on your pelvis, abdomen, lower back and hips. This would also help to achieve a sexy six pack abs. This move will also help to shape the chest and hamstrings.
You need to get into the tabletop position by placing your hands under the shoulders and the knees under hips. Now, slowly extend the legs behind you, keep back straight, abs tight and don’t move your head much. Then put a small hand towel under the toes. Bend the knees and bring it underneath your chest, sliding the towel as you do this, along the floor. Extend the legs again to the position from where you started and repeat. Switch legs too. A maximum of 10 repetition for both legs should be fine.

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Crunch – This is a new kind of crunch. You need to sit in such a manner that the upper torso and thighs make a V shape. Lower your legs, cross them and lift. Take a 5 pound dumbbell between both hands, swinging it left to right and then back. Bring the ball across the body while being in the V shape. 15 repetitions should be sufficient.

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Leg Crunches – Bend your knees and lie on your back. Place a 3 pound dumbbell between feet. Place your hands with palms down at the side of your hips or beneath the hips. Concentrate on the lower abs and bring your knees towards the chest while lifting the hips, head and shoulders slightly. Return to the similar position from where you started. Repeat for at least 20 times.

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Scale Pose – This move is helpful not only for core and arm but also for pelvic floor.
Cross your legs and sit. Place your hands with palms facing floor, next to your hips. Tighten your pelvic floor (as if you need to urinate and just holding it). Put entire force in your hands and lift your lower body off from the floor. Hold for 3 seconds and get back to the original position. If at first, you cant lift your entire lower body, you can just lift the butt, placing your feet on the ground. 3 repetitions should be good for the first week.

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