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How to Wear Culottes

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If you think culottes are not just for you, then why not give it yet another chance? We bring for you few tips on how to wear the culottes fashionably and look like a diva. The wide-leg bottoms are totally trendy and can transform your looks from a simple girl to a fashion star!

Now if you are not sure of what culottes are, its basically a type of garment which looks like skirts and hangs around the waist in a similar fashion, but actually its a pant. Early in 1500s  in France when Henry III was on the throne, this garment was invented. And later on was used by lot of women during the Victorian Age, when women had to move out of the home, and thus pants were the best option which had the look of a skirt. So comfortable yet conservative.

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We saw gorgeous models in culottes on the runway for the Spring 2015, so indeed culottes are very much IN. It does not seem they will be going out of vogue anytime soon this year! Designers all around the world are designing culottes in various colors and patterns. You got to try one at least!
If you are wondering on how to wear culottes off the runway, in daily life, here are some ways you can work it out.
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·         If you are going for work, then team up the culottes with a white buttoned shirt and for the footwear, choose a pair of pumps.
·         Remember, culottes work the best with high heel shoes. So you can wear the combination of two, whenever you feel you need to get an extra something to style up the look.
·         If you are in a mood to experiment, wear a medium fitted dress with culottes.
·         Since culottes are a bit of loose pants, it might give you an appearance of shorter legs making you look short. So, in order to manage this height issue, go monochromatic while wearing culottes, that will make you look taller and slimmer definitely.

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Hope this post helps you to wear culottes fashionably everyday at your office, or college or just for fun.

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