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How to Wear Right Jewellery during Monsoon

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During the monsoon, the rate of perspiration as well as humidity rises. And this often damages our jewellery. So, in this post i shall provide a few tips to pick the right jewellery for monsoon or rainy season.

1.    Opt for plastic jewelleries. Choose plastic funky jewelleries in bold vibrant colors. Avoid wearing metallic jewelleries during the humid monsoon season.

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Getting over-accessorized wont make you look fashionable, usually. Choose statement jewellery pieces like a good bold neck piece, or a thick broad bangle or even long earrings. This will help you be comfortable and look stylish. Whatever you wear, the accessories should be light and you must be able to carry that well with ease and comfort. Comfort is very much important when it comes to accessorizing right during hot rainy season.

I    3. If you love long earrings, keep your neck bare, do not wear any necklace. However, if you wear a chunky necklace on the neck, you can wear small studs on your ears or ear cuffs.

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4. Broad thick bangles will cover a lot of your hand, so you do not need to wear anything else on your hands, if you are wearing such a bangle. Multi-colored strappy watches or watches with big dials are also another way of accessorizing your hands in the monsoon stylishly.

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5. Avoid any metallic jewellery or watches with metallic straps as they might get damaged during the rainy season, unless they are waterproof or water-resistant. Also any kind of trendy jewellery made up of wood, jute should not be worn during the monsoon.

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