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How to wear Marsala – Pantone’s 2015 Color

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Just like me, you must be wondering why the color ‘Marsala’ is tagged as the number one color of 2015?! Marsala is basically a jewel tone, and Pantone describes it to be ‘a naturally robust and earthy wine red’! So if you have thought of introducing this favourite color of 2015 in your makeup regime, lets have a look at the ways through which the jewel tone can be used.

Marsala is often called as the oxblood red color too. Divas like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor have already worn this color many times on the red carpet. Now, its time that you try this color on yourself too.

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How to wear Marsala color on the lips – Marsala colored lipsticks are generally dark brown neutral as the color is basically earthy wine red. So instead of going for a glossy pout, stick to a matte finish, that will make the lips look more pigmented. Start off by outlining the lips with a lip liner, this will give a more clean and bold look. If you want a more of a daytime soft look, use a Marsala colored lip gloss, keeping the rest of the makeup minimum. With Marsala lips, you can use peach or pink blushes for the cheeks and shades like gray, khaki on the eyes.

How to wear Marsala color on the nails – If you want to look sexy and bold, then this is the color for you. Marsala nail paints are already available in the market. Apply them well on your nails after shaping and filing the nails. You can choose metallic finish nail paints as well as cream finished ones.

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How to wear Marsala on the hair – For brunettes who got fair to olive skin tone, Marsala hair color would be great. To get the Marsala hair color, you can opt for a reddish brown hair color with cool blue undertone. You can go for the Marsala shade all over the hair, or else for a subtle look, try Marsala highlights or lowlights on the hair.

However, use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, so that the auburn color takes a bit of time to fade away. The shampoo should have a low Ph. Many good shampoos can keep the color intact for 2 months. After washing your hair, don’t forget to condition it. And if you heat-style your mane, always use heat protectant oils or sprays.

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During the rainy season, as well as the hot summers Marsala is the perfect color. If you got Marsala lips and Marsala nails, thats enough. You need not wear a whole lot of eye shadows or eyeliners which have a tendency to melt-down or smudge. Whether you have a warm skin tone or a very fair complexion, Marsala would go well with any skin tone. Though its an earthy shade, but it got a lot of glam and X factor in it. So if you are wearing Marsala, you will be looking naturally glamorous. So ladies, lets try this fantastic Marsala hue right away!

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