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How to do Long-Stay Makeup in Humid Weather

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India is a tropical country, which means summer spans over a long time every year. And even in the monsoon season, we do not get respite from dry sweaty weather. Now, makeup is essential in order to feel and look good! So whether its summer, or monsoon or winter, we need to get our daily dose of makeup. Agree?

In this post, i shall be jotting down a few simple steps which will help your makeup to stay on long even in humid weather.

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Ice Cube Magic – Before applying any makeup on the face, take an ice cube and rub it over your face, It will cool and soothe the skin.

Primer – In hot humid weather we try to keep makeup minimum and avoid piling or layering makeup. But primer is a MUST! Go for water based primers in the hot humid seasons, it acts as a protective shield on the skin, and helps makeup to stay on top of it longer.

Read labels – Yes. Read the labels on your beauty products and apply those which are ‘long lasting’, ‘waterproof’. These products will definitely be able to fight off the heat and humidity and last longer than the usual ones.

Choose light-weight makeup products – Instead of going for a foundation, opt for light BB creams. If foundation is a must, you may choose cream based foundations which are oil free. This should be suitable for all skin types and lasts longer. Similarly for blush, choose a gel or cream blush. Creamy eye shadows too have a good staying power.

Any powder makeup products are best to be avoided as it lasts for a very less time.

Light colored Lipsticks – Any heavy lipstick or glosses should be avoided. You can put on some light neutral shade or may be lip balm.

Set the Makeup – A light dusting of loose powder on face and neck will set the makeup. But remember not to put lot of products and powder on the face. Keep it natural, just lock the makeup with the powder.

That’s all for long lasting makeup which can withstand heat, humidity and perspiration. Try it out. I hope, you will be able to achieve the long lasting makeup look easily.

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