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Madonna's Iconic '80s Makeup Look Breakdown

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Today is the 16th of August and its our very favourite superstar Madonna’s birthday. So, i thought of posting something about the diva’s iconic makeup look in the ‘80s. Though being such a versatile pop star, she did not just stick to one makeup look per album, however, she had set the trend she created herself which can be named as the classic Madonna look! I have a few pictures, which can be obviously found all over the internet to breakdown Madonna’s makeup in the ‘80s.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest
Madonna’s look that she flaunted in the ‘80s was retro and modern day look intermingled! Madonna in the ‘80s was the brightest of all stars, she started her musical career with the album ‘Madonna’ and soon came ‘Like A Virgin’ followed by many other super hit Madonna albums. Madonna’s latest album is the ‘Rebel Heart’ which released this March of 2015.

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Lets get back to the actual topic of Madonna’s iconic makeup look of ‘80s now. In the above picture as you can see Madonna got a very pale complexion on her face than the rest of her body. You can emulate this look by going for a shade of foundation which is a shade lighter than your original skin tone on your face.

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As you can its a matte look, so powder your face well with translucent powder. Madonna’s eyebrows look really a bit bushy which gives a youthful look, so you can just fill up your brows well with an eyebrow powder. O the eyelids apply a shimmery beige shadow upto the crease and blend it in with an orangish brown color on the crease. For the eyeliner put on a nice cream eye liner in black or brown on the upper lids and wing it out at the outer ends. Madonna got the perfect cat eye look! White liner on the waterline is a must followed by mascara on both the lashes and a pair of false eyelashes would glam up the Madonna look instantly!

You can apply a light pink blush on the cheeks. Dont go overboard with blushing. For Madonna’s lips, she used red! You took start y outlining the lips with a red lip liner and then fill it in with a red lipstick which can be semi matte.
Picture Courtesy : fanpop

Another favourite Madonna look of ‘80s is the one in the above picture. Madonna’s makeup is almost the same as the previous picture except that she got only a wash of lilac on her eye lids with a black winged eye liner.

So, thats all folks! Before we end this post, we want to wish the pop diva a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

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