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How to choose the right lip gloss

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Personally i am not a lip gloss girl, but i must admit that at times the matte lip look is too dull and bland. So to spice things up, a lip gloss is necessary! Lip  gloss gives a youthful look and is easier to remove than a matte lipstick.

Generally lip glosses are cheaper than lipsticks and hence affordable for college students’ makeup. And in order to get a radiant complexion and bring out your eye color, its important that you choose your lip gloss correctly. For example, if you are going out in the morning, avoid wearing a bright lip gloss, as that would be too bright and loud for day time makeup. For daytime makeup neutral or nude color lip glosses work the best!

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So, now if you are going to purchase lip gloss, here’s a few tips to choose the right lip gloss.

Lip gloss should match complexion – Whatever lip gloss color you purchase, make sure it matches your skin complexion. This will help you look good.

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Choose lip gloss matching to your lip color – To get fuller lips, its essential to use the lip gloss and lipstick in similar color. This would help the lips to look voluminous.

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Cracked lips – If your lips are chapped and cracked, before applying lip gloss, make sure to moisturize the lips with lip balm or chapstick. If your lips are too cracked, you can avoid lip gloss temporarily until the lips get okay!

Keep in mind the occasion – Always keep in mind the occasion and time of the day when you apply overall makeup including lip gloss. As i mentioned previously in the post, if its a morning time and you are going out to college or work, opt for a nude or neutral lip gloss shade. In the evening, if you are going out for shopping or partying, stick to bright vibrant shades of lip glosses.

Brand matters – Always go for a lip gloss of a good reputed cosmetic brand. I know, there are many makeup brands today in the Indian beauty market which manufactures lip glosses of various textures and also qualities. You need a real good lip gloss for yourself so go for lip glosses from reputed brands. Good branded lip glosses generally have a better color pay off and also lasts longer.

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