Friday, August 7, 2015

Pigtails or Plaits for Summer

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Many of us do think pigtails go well only with school kids and once we are out of school, we must totally abandon the pigtail hair style or hair do. However, in the past few years, pigtail is back on the runway. It was first seen in the Prada’s Spring 2010 Fashion Show. Post that pigtails were again seen on the runway at the Marc by Marc Jacob’s Fall 2014 Show. Ad recently in the Givenchy Fall 2015 Show we saw the slick ‘chola Victorian’ style braids in action! There is something dark and edgy about the ponytails and braids as well as sweet and youthful.

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There are many kinds of plaits or braids, like the Basic one, French plaits, Plaited Headband, Side plait, Fishtail plait, Rope plait, Five Strand plait etc. However, in this article i shall write about the basic plait, how to do a basic plait.

How to do a Basic Plait :-

Brush your hair well – Start with clean conditioned hair. Brush your hair properly and then start.

Divide the hair – Section your hair into 3 parts : middle, left and right.

Criss-crossing the right hair strand  – Hold the 3 strands ad cross the right hair strand on top of the mid section. It should look like the right hair section is the middle part while the mid section is the right.

Criss-crossing the left hair strand – Now, on top of the new mid section, cross the left hair part. The strands should be switched.

Repeat – Repeat the process of crossing the right and left sections of the hair over middle portion until you have plaited your hair upto the length you want.

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Tie the hair – Tie off the hair at end using a ribbon or hair band or clip.

So, thats all about basic plait ad the steps to do a basic plait. Try it out at home or out because plaits are not just pretty, but also functional.

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